Board of Education

Leadership, Integrity, Implementation, Momentum. This is what our Board of Education strives for. By engagement in meaningful discussion, continuing in-depth reviews of school budgets for financial responsibility, ensuring continued utilization of the newly formed curriculum committee, and utilizing the revived communications committee, we are committed to supporting our students, families and teachers as Tolland continues to move forward in a positive direction. 

Proven Leadership.

Provide the critical governance role that the citizens and employees of Tolland expect with civility and respect. Engage in meaningful discussion and have the ability to respectfully disagree.

Proven Integrity.

Continue the finance committee’s successful in-depth review of the financial cost structure of the education system with a focus on prioritizing the student. Align with other committees to keep the budget process transparent and consistent with policy.

Proven Implementation.

Ensure the continued utilization of the newly formed curriculum committee to bring critical changes to the entire board for approval as we address learning loss from the pandemic.  With a focus on student achievement, the board will set measurable goals, continue to update policies, and approve changes that will set up our students for a successful future.  

Proven Momentum.

Utilize the revived communications committee to establish a district communications plan. Make information easily accessible and available to parents, by expanding on the two-way communications between the board and the community.

Renie Besaw

I would like to continue building on the momentum that has been a part of the last two years. Empowering work at the committee level to bring the full board, reviewing and updating policies and prioritizing student achievement are our overarching goals.

Anthony Holt

I am running because I have a passion to serve our community. I believe that through careful focus on our goals, fiscally responsible academic excellence is achievable. Our children deserve the very best education possible and it is up to us to ensure that opportunity is available to all of them. My focus is on providing a quality education that feeds the various interest and talents of our populace, increasing the quality and effectiveness of respectful communication, and ensuring that the policy structure is in place to carry the district into a highly successful future.

Christine Griffin

I’m running to continue the work we have done the past 22 months. I want to focus on prioritization and balancing within budget constraints, as well as provide a governance role that Tolland expects. Ensuring students have what they need to succeed as we come out of the pandemic is also a top priority.

Jacob Marie

I am running for my second term because I have big goals for the school system which are still a work in progress. I want to see our financial literacy program grow stronger. I want to make sure that our district is setting up every student for success in this ever changing world. Additionally, we need to make sure that our educational program is sustainable so it will last for the long term. The pandemic has put a lot of goals on hold, but in this next term we may be able to make a lot of real progress.