Planning & Zoning Commission

Planning and Zoning is a key part of the success of Tolland. The PZC works towards the development, innovation and collaboration that make our zoning regulations. Our team plans on continuing to make these processes as transparent as possible for our residents while ensuring growth in Tolland.

Proven Development.

With changing times, we believe Tolland must focus on becoming a sustainable community. By partnering our prime location with the current housing and business trends, we will work to provide our town with new and exciting opportunities for residential and community development in a responsible manner. We can achieve this by concentrating our responsible economic development in areas appropriate to the Town’s character. In addition, we plan to expand on housing diversity options through multi-family, Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) and affordable housing programs, as well as work closely with the Town of Tolland as they improve upon the Tolland Village Area (TVA). 

Proven Innovation.

We will review and amend current zoning regulations to remove administrative hurdles. This will make the approval process more efficient and easier to navigate for new or expanding businesses and homeowners alike that are seeking to make changes to their properties. As new laws are passed at the State and Federal levels, it is crucial that our PZC remains open minded and willing to implement the necessary changes to maximize the benefit to our community. 

Proven Collaboration. 

As active volunteers, local business owners, and long-time residents, we are passionate about both Tolland’s past and its future. Through our involvement in town, we have seen the changes which Tolland has experienced, understand the changes still needed, and are committed to moving Tolland forward through continuing to update, streamline and consolidate our regulations, while preserving our town’s open spaces, rural and historical charm.

Andy Powell

I am running for Office to complete the work the the PZC has been doing to bring Tolland’s land use policies into a more modern and forward looking position. We have an opportunity to take the resources that Tolland has and help the Town become even better for all. 

Erin Stavens

I am running for office because I feel that I can bring a unique perspective to PZC. I have construction experience, business experience, HR experience, farming experience and conservation experience. I love farming just as much as I love small business. I want what’s beneficial to not only the Town of Tolland but the people that choose to plant their roots here. Something that’s important to me is making Tolland more business friendly. We need to bring in more businesses to help take some of the tax burden off of residents. It’s something I’ve seen happen successfully in Ellington and something I know can happen successfully in Tolland too.